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Decisions made under delegated powers

In accordance with the Openness of Local Government Regulations 2014, a record of any decisions made by officers of the Parish Council under delegated powers will be published on this page.

Under the Council’s Financial Regulations, adopted 9 March 2016, the Clerk, in conjunction with the Chairman of Council, or Chairman of the appropriate committee, has delegated authority to incur expenditure on revenue items below £500.  The Clerk also has delegated authority to incur expenditure in cases of extreme risk to Council services (eg to effect necessary repairs) up to a limit of £500, and to authorise the payment of items – (1) if payment is necessary to avoid a charge to interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and the due date for payment is before the next scheduled meeting of Council; (2) where expenditure on the item is authorised by Council as a continuing contract or obligation; and (3) to make fund transfers within the Council’s banking arrangements.

There are currently no other powers delegated to officers of the Council on a standing basis.  However, on a short term basis in 2020, pursuant to the advice of sector bodies in response to the coronavirus outbreak, powers are delegated to the Clerk on the basis of the Scheme of Delegation below:

Scheme of Delegation 2020

Decisions taken by the Clerk as generally authorised under this Scheme are set out below:

Delegated Decisions taken by Clerk under Scheme of Delegation 2020 – 14 July -4 September

Delegated Decisions taken by Clerk under Scheme of Delegation 2020 – 16 March-13 July

Decisions taken by officers of the Council as specifically authorised by resolution are as follows:

None to date