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    Draughton Parish Council has seven members, elected for four-year terms on an electoral cycle consistent with that of its principal authority, North Yorkshire Council.  The Council meets monthly, normally on the first Monday in the month, at 7.00pm in the Village Hall.

    The current councillors are:

    • Rachel Binks (Chairman)
    • Ben Davies
    • John Garnett
    • Richard Neale
    • Stuart Petty
    • Alison Turner
    • Jane Markham

    The members can be contacted through the Clerk, Anna Crewe via email on  or through this site using the Contact Us form. Please use this site to view the most recent Council minutes.

    To view the councillors’ Register of Interests, which is maintained by our principal authority, please go to the Members’ Interests page on this site or to the website of Craven District Council using this link: Draughton – Craven District Council.

    A paper copy of the Register may be consulted by application to the Clerk.