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    Local development of parish plans formed part of the recommendations of the Government White Paper “Our Countryside – The Future” which was published in 2000. Since that date over 3,000 parish plans have been created with support from The Countryside Agency and Rural Community Councils.
    Following a meeting on 15th April 2008 attended by many villagers, Draughton Parish Council decided to go ahead with the proposal that the Village should have its own Parish Plan which would incorporate:

    • The views and opinions of as many individuals, groups and organisations within the community as possible, and
    • The identification of local action points.

    A Steering Group of volunteers from within the Parish was formed in April 2008 and in the following months a programme of information gathering and consultation took place, which culminated in the production of this document.

    The Purpose of a Parish Plan

    Even in a small parish such as Draughton it can be difficult to assess the views of residents on many aspects of life that affect the community, ranging from housing and transport to community facilities and other local issues. When dealing with other governmental agencies, the Parish Council is keen that in doing so it accurately reflects our views and it is in this context that the Parish Plan is situated. By providing a clear statement of needs and aspirations, we make it more likely that they may be achieved through the work of the Parish Council with Village support.

    Over a period of time, situations and priorities change and it is important that the community continues to have an input in those changing circumstances. It is hoped that through the recommendations contained in this Parish Plan we will provide a basis for the effective communication of the views of residents to decision makers.

    We hope you find the Plan interesting and that as it is taken forward and continually updated, it will contribute a lasting benefit to the community.

    Draughton Parish Plan Steering Group – May 2009