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Villagers are concerned to improve road safety at each of the main entrances to the Village, the two junctions off the A65, where at the western (Skipton) end there have been three accidents in 2015 (in June, October and November), two of them resulting in serious injuries, and the A59 junction at Draughton Bottom for vehicles turning right from Skipton into the village.  If you have any concerns or comments about any of these junctions, or would like to record your own experience in using them, please let us know.

The Council is also looking into a number of traffic safety issues in the village, following a survey carried out in July 2015 (see the report available on the Council Reports page).  As a result of this, the Council is monitoring parking near the junction at the top of Low Lane, where vehicles parking too close to the junction can lead to visibility restrictions for drivers turning out both left and right at the Stop sign.  Residents continue to have concerns for drivers along the A65 by Chelker Reservoir, following a near fatal accident there in May 2012.


Please post your comments on any of these issues by registering on the site, or by contacting the Clerk by email.


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  1. Bill Harrison's Gravatar Bill Harrison
    November 3, 2009 at 6:51 pm | Permalink

    I followed a speeding (50mph to 60 mph) SJ Bargh milk tanker on the A65 from Addingham roundabout on Sunday morning, 1st November. At Chelker the tanker had to slow as a horse box trailer and one other car were negotiating the stretch by the reservoir at around 40mph. The weather was horrendous – torrential rain and driving winds. As I prepared to turn right into Draughton, the tanker started to overtake the car and the vehicle towing the horsebox. It must have remained on the wrong side of the road, doing excessive speed for the majority of the distance between the two access roads to Draughton. For anybody coming round the bend further down or indeed anybody waiting to pull out of Draughton it would been quite a frightening sight and potentially very dangerous, particularly in the extreme weather conditions. I have emailed the MD of SJ Bargh personally and asked for his comments but as yet I have not received a reply.
    Bill Harrison

  2. admin's Gravatar admin
    November 20, 2009 at 3:50 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for this, Bill. I had a near miss recently when I was coming back into the village from the Addingham direction. A driver behind me had been trying to get past for a while (I wasn’t going overly slowly!). As soon as the road opened up, he pulled out to overtake me, completely ignoring the right turn road markings. I was just about to put on my indicator and start to make the right turn manoeuvre, but luckily I saw him in time and swerved back left. I had to let him overtake me before I could turn right into Draughton. What was really frightening was that I had my younger son in the car with me, in the passenger seat!

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