The Plan in Brief

Draughton Parish Plan, of which this is a brief summary for distribution to all villagers, has been put together by a Steering Group of volunteers drawn from within the Village. Its purpose is to set out villagers’ views and opinions on many different aspects of community life. The Plan then identifies possible improvements, and thus provides a starting point for them to be achieved.

Villagers’ views were collected by means of a Questionnaire, with results displayed and discussed at an Open Event. There was a very high level of participation in the exercise – 84% of Questionnaires were completed and returned – and the Plan is thus a very reliable source of information concerning Draughton now, and in the future.

Aspects of Village life are dealt with separately



A key issue within the Village is the extent to which future development may be permitted. Villagers are keen to retain the character of the Village while recognising the need to maintain a balanced community.
ACTION: Seek to preserve the rural character of the Village.



The profile of the Village over the past few years has changed with an increase in the number of families moving into the existing properties in the area. While satisfied with the local schools, people in the Village are concerned about links to facilities.
ACTION: Seek to improve bus links to access further education and extra-curricula activities.




The bus services are perceived by some villagers as unreliable and not sufficiently extensive.

ACTION: Seek to improve bus timetabling, in particular the X84 service.

Provide a bus shelter on the south side of the road near to the Care Centre

The Environment

Households stated they were generally satisfied with services such as refuse collecting. However, suggestions have been put forward particularly for road safety improvements.
ACTION: Continue to lobby for essential safety improvements to the A59 and A65 junctions.
Screen unslightly refuse bins near to the Village Hall
Investigate community scheme for improving recycling, in particular plastics
Provide a salt bin close to the Care Centre
Provide convex mirrors at the top and bottom of Muck Gate


There are many different leisure interests pursued by villagers, with walking and cycling being particularly popular, but currently only the Cricket Club, Village Hall and St Augustine’s Church offer facilities directly within the community.
ACTION: Investigate the provision of a playing field
Develop circular footpath routes around the Village.
Investigate the provision of a direct cycle/walking route to Skipton

Community Facilities

Following the closure of the post office and shop in April 2008, the community is strongly in favour of the establishment of some form of replacement enterprise.
ACTION: Investigate provision of a post office/shop or some wider form of community enterprise
Set up bulk buying schemes (eg for oil or solid fuel)
Investigate provision of a mobile shop to visit Draughton
Provide more organised events in the Village Hall


Improvements in communications were suggested.
ACTION: Provide and maintain a Village website to improve communication
Provide an additional notice board in a more “central” location